About Business Travel Pioneers: Creating impact by doing, sharing and inspiring

Companies, universities and organisations as entry point to sustainability

The shared ambition of the network of Business Travel Pioneers is to reduce CO2 and (non-)CO2-emissions from business travel, as well as other sources of pollution. This is set out in the 'Engagement Statement' that every member signs. To achieve these goals, the most effective measures have been translated into a knowledge guide with best practices. Through these impactful measures, we are working towards a new mobility policy that should lead to 'the new normal' in business travel. With covid’s impact, travelling less has taken on a new dimension. As such, Business Travel Pioneers have a major impact on the new way of sustainable travel. If you travel, then travel as sustainable as possible!

The members of Business Travel Pioneers are supported by a team and network that facilitates knowledge sharing, cooperation and progress on the topics. Several times a year, this team organises inspiration sessions, workshops and webinars where knowledge is also shared from the working groups active in the coalition. These working groups address dilemmas and opportunities perceived by the members.

Inspiring policymakers 

As experts, the coalition partners offer useful insights to policymakers and stakeholders on the current barriers to and economic benefits of sustainable business travel.
The network will formulate recommendations on how policy can best support the transition to an efficient and sustainable travel policy. In this way, an enabling framework can emerge in which sustainable business travel becomes the new normal. By doing so, coalition partners will take responsibility for reducing the environmental and climate impact of business travel, without compromising the added values of international meetings.

The network also acts as a point of contact for policymakers. In this way, ideas and visions for the future can be efficiently exchanged.