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As a business, you can make a significant difference in reducing your emissions. These companies and tools can help you outline and implement a sustainable business travel strategy.

6 steps to a sustainable travel policy

1. Adjust your travel policy,

2. Avoid travel and meet remotely as much as possible via tele- and video conference. As an organization, invest in the necessary infrastructure and training.

3. Take the train or bus to European cities that can be reached in eight hours or less, or that are less than 700 kilometers away. Make a distinction between cities that you as a company or organization do not fly to by default, because there is an obvious and easy alternative, and slightly more distant or more difficult to reach cities that are preferably not flown to.

4. Make employees more aware of their travel behavior and choices. Communication campaigns, internal ambassadors, management that sets a good example and even gamification facilitate the implementation of a sustainable travel policy. And at the same time ensure that it is supported by the employees.

5. Monitor the evolution of the number of business trips and their emissions, including air travel. If necessary, differentiate per department.

6. Do you still have to fly? Then choose economy class, avoid stopovers and transfer flights and enter a possibly voluntary CO2 contribution.


Decision guide Business travel

These companies, organizations and tools help you make your travel policy more sustainable. 


Climate Neutral Group

Climate Neutral Group helps companies from A to Zero CO2 in their travel policy. They calculate your footprint, draw up a reduction plan, and what cannot be reduced can be compensated. Our accredited methods make the way to Zero CO2 believable and transparent. We let organisations do what they are good at, with meaning and value, while staying within the limits of the plane



SNCB/NMBS international

Book professional train movements within a radius of 800 km around Brussels via the central booking platform of SNCB International. Compare prices, book tickets and manage your train bookings on 1 central platform. Optimize your travel management with NMBS International.

WebsiteSNCB  International

Contact: SNCB international

BATM - Belgian Association of Travel Management

BATM’s mission is to advance Travel Management practice in the Belgian market and help travel managers to realize the full potential of their travel programs. In order to obtain that goal, they promote the interests of business travel professionals, provide them with a platform to connect with the market and to understand current and future market needs. We promote the common business interests of both buyers and suppliers of the business travel industry in Belgium. We also offer quality-learning experience, innovative thinking and excellent networking opportunities.



BCD Travel

BCD Travel simplifies the conversation around managed business travel, showing you how to combine capabilities and services to deliver or improve on your program goals. We give travelers innovative tools that keep them safe and productive and help them make good choices on the road. We partner with travel and procurement leaders to simplify the complexities of business travel, drive savings and satisfaction, and move companies toward their goals.​

Website: BCD Travel Belgium 

Contact: BCD Travel Belgium 

Back on Track 

Back on Track Belgium is the Belgian branch of the European Back on Track collective: a European network that supports and aims to improve cross-border rail traffic and night trains.




Get Started With Sustainable Business Travel

Plan your international train trip

Calculating CO₂ emissions and contributions

  • By visually displaying the CO2 emissions of a flight, you can discourage travelling by plane. For this, you can use the free tool flight emission map, for example. Tech-tip: you can also integrate the map into your own website and display Brussels as a centre. To do so, check 'Customising the map' in the menu.
  • That avoiding air travel really makes a difference, read this study and this article.
  • Via BOS+'s Treecological calculator, you can calculate how much CO2 a flight emits and offset it. You can also calculate your CO2 contribution through Atmosfair or Greentripper.
  • The greenest transport solution? Compare your CO2 emissions for travelling by train, car or plane via Ecopassenger.

Do you know of another interesting tool. Or have you not yet found what you were looking for? We would be happy to help you further. For recurring questions, we organize a workshop around the topic. Please contact: .